What is Electronic Waste?

With technology evolving so rapidly computers, phones, electronics and peripheral products quickly become obsolete. Your company may need to dispose of a dozen to several hundred items at one time and all your e-waste must be removed and disposed  of by a reputable company in a professional, cost efficient process.    


Similarly, when companies move or relocate there is little room to store old equipment. The e-waste left behind must be removed and disposed of in a timely and cost efficient process by a trusted service such as Good Earth Solutions.


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 The Most Common Business E-Waste Include...

  • Desktop, Laptop and Tablet computers and hard drives            • Keyboards, mouses, cables and other computer peripherals

  • LCD, LED and CRT computer monitors                                           • External hard drives, USB devices and backup batteries  

  • Printers, Copiers, Scanners and Fax machines                              • Cell phones, Phone systems and Network systems

  • Telivisions, CD and DVD players and AV equipment                     • Network and telephone switches and equipment 

  • There is also a wide array of industry specific E-waste such as medical machines and equipment and smartboards etc.


                        Why you should choose Good Earth Solutions for your E-Waste recycling process
• Door-to-door pickup with no minimum inventory                           • No boxing, moving, or packing of IT assets on your part

• No maximum e-waste size or weight restrictions                            • Simple competitive pricing regardless of size

• Ethical and responsible e-waste recycling solutions                        • All recycling is done to state and local standards


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