Current Federal, New York and New Jersey state, and local laws regarding the proper handling of Hazardous, Universal and Electronic Waste now require these types of waste must be eliminated from your regular waste stream.


Hazardous waste must now be separated, stored, and hauled by a specially licensed contractor, such as Good Earth Solutions Inc.  Failure to comply with these laws may subject you and your company to violations and subsequent fines up to $30,000 per occurrence.


These laws apply if you are a business or building owner or management company that generates hazardous, universal and e-waste.


On average, each year the United States throws out 25 million televisions, 48 million computers and 100 million cell phones.


The less costly methods of managing hazardous, universal, and e-waste may not be the most reliable or convenient and may expose you to liability.


At GESI, we design and implement a waste management program to protect you and have the best interest for your company and the environment in mind at all times to ensure a safe and clean earth for all future generations to come.    

New Recycling Rules For NYC Go Into Effect August 1, 2016

New York City Department of Sanitation has new recycling rules

All Businesses in New York City are required to separate recyclables from garbage. It is never, under any circumstances, permitted for recyclable material to be collected in the same bag with garbage, or be placed in the same compartment of a truck or container with garbage.

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