GESI is committed to solving all your waste management issues and saving
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Universal Waste
BULK Waste

Good Earth Solutions Professional Services Include

Transportation: We can transport your hazardous & non-hazardous waste safely and efficiently to a licensed and insured recovery facility.

Disposal and Recycling: We manifest all materials collected and insure the waste has reached the proper destination for our customers.

Waste Consulting and Auditing: A waste audit helps determine your potential for cost savings via waste diversion and recycling. Zero-waste landfill programs support sustainable goals for environmental protection, economic development and social and community wellbeing. After an initial consultation, we can adopt a zero waste program for your company together with you, and GESI will guide you to opportunities for cost reductions.    

Cleanouts: We remove bulk waste and debris from businesses and ensure that your waste is properly recycled or disposed of.

Testing: We preform sampling and analysis service for potentially hazardous waste. 

Lab Pack: We have expertise in repackaging hazardous waste into DOT drums for proper shipping and disposal.

Onsite Training: We provide onsite education involving customers in waste reduction and recycling programs through waste audits, as well as technical assistance, training and workshops.  

Hazmat Spill Cleanup: We perform onsite hazardous waste spill cleanup service at a moment’s notice.

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